Friday, February 9, 2007

Props For Micro Business #1

Daron Yondem , a developer for based in Turkey took the time to blog about my website thumbnail generator. He thought it was a creative and useful solution.

I must admit that I used some of his code that he posted on as a starting point for Micro Business #1, so Daron may be a little biased! Thanks for blogging about my little site, Daron. I'm glad I could return the favor!

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Daron Yƶndem said...


Honestly I think I'm not biased :) I never imagined a project, or solution like you did even tough I had a part of the solutions code already done. The situation we are experiencing is a good example to define what a solution is. It is not enough to be able to code good, in addition it is needed to have creative ideas like yours to form successfull projects.

Again congratulations. I presented your project in my last talk for Istanbul Technical University IT Club as a good example for a web software solution.