Monday, March 26, 2007

An Open Letter To Jeff Atwood

To: Jeff Atwood at
Re: Your March 23rd post on

Dear sir: community (hereafter referred to as "the community") is writing to inform you that we take issue with your post titled "Our Dirty Little Secret". After seeing the damage your post has caused, it's clear the only dirty little secret we have is that we allowed you to post anything at all.

The community graciously let you post a guest article which appeared on our front page the morning of March 23, 2007. You violated our trust, sir. You destroyed the community's spirit, a spirit that has been carefully nurtured and cultivated. A spirit that has flourised in our perfectly constructed, completely flawless, self-sustaining community. You are a blight, sir. You ravaged our lands and pillaged our palaces. You destroyed our temples and called into question the very existence of our gods. You've shaken the very foundation of our being.

With your clever words and cutting sentences you challenged our perfection. Can't you see that we can't help it? How dare you challenge our very nature? How dare you!

Therefore Jeff Atwood, from this day forward until such day the community deems otherwise, you are "dead to us". Your passport has been revoked. You will never visit our pristine lands again. You will be forced to marvel at our splendours and achievements from afar. May you see the error of your ways.

We can only hope that the damage you have caused will fade with time. We can only hope that with each passing day and each new WTF that the memory of your damage will pass into lore. As we heal and recover our sense of perfection we hope that you begin to understand the magnitude of your actions.

So say we all.

Signed, TheDailyWtf community.


duncan said...

Heh. Well said my friend, well said...

John said...

Thank you. I missed the mark a bit, but it was fun to write.

Jeff Atwood said...

I suspect the WTF community will survive my little editorial. ;)

John said...

Heh. Yes they certainly will - although it did bruise their egos quite a bit.